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Leo Nishikido
12 May 2008 @ 12:51 am
*taken from ryoleo.multiply.com

So, here's another Toy for Leo :)

Oh well... RyoLeo, obviously I'm Leo... and Ryo is Nishikido Ryo.  It's Not that i'm a big fan of Ryo or crazy about him. It's just that I admire him.  Sharp and frank tongue, yet perseving and hard working.  Someone i'm not, unfortunately.  But looking up to Ryo-chan (I'm making him sound like my hero and role model dman. he's not.. but like i said i admire him), I finally realize that there are things that I can do... that I can bear to do. And that is important in life.

If Ryo-chan can do it, I can! ... Even better (this is too much) hehe.

Arigatou Ryo-chan!

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